Vote of thanks to My Two Canadian Homestay Families

First Homestay Family.

It was a family of four; now with me, five!


Laurie Hurtubise

She was such a mom to me. She took care of me with great love as If I was her own blood son. We also used to have a lot of discussions about Kenyan and Canadian foods. She is such a kind lady.

Dave Mann

He is such a hilarious, kind hearted and funny man. We had a lot of fun together. He was also the guy who took me Downtown Vancouver to show me the people who live of the streets. And he used to tell me funny stories of his work place at night and we used to watch sports games together.

Audrey Heath 

This is a young hardworking focused girl. We used to cook together, and we also watched a lot of movies together. We did lots of fun stuff together.


Elliot Heath

This was an energetic boy who was a brother to me. We did lots of fun stuffs together. Most of the times we were playing video games together. We also went bike rides together.


With this family I had experienced more than what an average Canadian student would have had experienced for about five weeks, after five weeks it was time to switch the homestay family.


Second Homestay family

This was another great experience to me, because I wasn’t new to where I was going to visit. I was to move to Mr. Corbould’s family who was the principal of Kilmer, a school which we visited every Wednesday. And his wife Shellyn is a teacher in Mary Hill Elementary, a school which we visited every Thursday.

Andrew Cobould
He was such a great person to live with. He was also very funny. Most of the times we went shopping with him he would greet more than ten people, he was very known. After school somedays we would go to his hot tub together. Or some days we would visit the gym together.
Their house was really cool. The whole house was Christmassy even the cutlery were also Christmassy. They also used to dress Christmas clothes every single day before Christmas.

This was my second Canadian mum. She was also a caring parent to me. She used to drive me to school every Thursday, because she was a teacher of Mary Hill, which we visited every Thursday. She also taught me how to play the piano, because she was a music teacher. And sometimes we would walk the dog together which was fun. We also watched Christmas movies everyday together before sleeping.

Heather Corbould
She was the first born of the family. She used to work at Coquitlam Swimming Centre, which was a coincidence because when we used to live in the previous homestay Allan and I visited her work place. She is a young energetic, funny girl just as the rest people of the family.

Lindsay Corbould

She was the last born in the family, Most of the time she would be studying, because she had exams here and then, and she also worked at one of the pets shops in Coquitlam. She was also a good homestay sister who had a great love for cats.

It was really fun having home-stays like these, I couldn’t get better homestays than than these. I’m really glad for the times we have spent together. You’ve taken me many places, some places which you have never even been before. I’ve learned a lot from you and I’m really humbled thanking you for hosting me during my stay in Canada. Asante Sana…



Farewell to Mary Hill Elementary

On my last day at Mary Hill elementary school, Shellyn, Mr. Corbould’s wife gave me a ride to school. Just as usual I went to drop my bag and lunch at Mrs. Reid’s office and I started waiting for Allan to come. Some minutes later Mrs. Reid came to her room and told me that Allan had arrived some minutes before me. And he was just in the room next to her office.

As soon as I heard that I quickly rushed to that room. I went to the room and found Allan making a Skype call to Madison East School which is one of  PA-MOJA’s sister school in United States. This was really fun, for it was also our second time to have a skype call with them. We took about thirty minutes then finished the call.

After the call went to look for Ms. Reid again to ask her if we had planned any class for us at that time but she did not. After hearing that, we started going to the different classes to say goodbye to them.

After some minutes we met with Ms. Reid, and she asked us if we could go to the staff room to make polythene soccer ball. During the previous week we were teaching the kids how to make polythene balls, so this week Allan and I had to go and do the finishing touches on the balls, because we had a sale later at night. We went and made the balls until recess time.


Then after finishing with the final touches making the ball. It was recess time. We had to go and have fun with the kids for the last time. Allan went and played freeze with the kids and I went to play soccer with them. It was really fun playing in the snow because everyone was running to get the ball and all of a sudden fall. I can also admit that I fell a couple of times, but I didn’t get hurt.

When the bell rung we all entered. I then rushed to Mrs. Reid’s office to grab a snack, just as usual because  we never took snacks during recess time,  it was really fun playing with the kids at recess. I then went to one of the kids class to hang out with them. At that time I didn’t know where Allan was. I helped the kids to read and then afterwards we drew some ‘Kenydians’ Kenyan and Canadian flag.

Then Allan came to pick me up so that we could go to the different classes to say goodbye, It was a really sad moment for us and the kids, because we’ve had a short good time in the school. We went to all of the classes in the school saying goodbye to them.

After that it was lunch time Allan and I went to the field to play with the kids. We then went to take lunch at Shellyn’s class. The kids had been begging us the whole day to go and have lunch with them, so once we were there, we played some Kenyan songs and danced with the kids.

During the evening blocks we all went to the gym. Because the students were having their Christmas show during that day, we first of all waited for the parents to enter the gym, then we entered. It was really exiting to watch the young kids courageously standing in front of more than three hundred people and performing. Some were acting while some were singing songs. After that Allan and I went and recited a short goodbye and thanksgiving poem we had written for the kids and the school administration for making our stay in the school awesome.

After that we returned back again  to the classes to see some of the kids for our last  time and also saying goodbye. We couldn’t believe this was happening, time had flown fast. Then Shellyn drove Allan and I back home because he had to come and have dinner with my new homestay.

After dinner we headed back to school. To watch the kids perform again. This time the gym was crowded than how it was during daytime, because most of the parents had come off work. The kids then performed their lovely acts and songs. Then afterwards Michele Reid stood up on stage and invited us up in order to thank us for having us in their school and sharing our stories and cultures with them and having them teach us their stories and cultures. She then gave us some of their class of two thousand and seventeen hoodies and books. We then went to some of the parents who were our friends and said goodbye to them, taking pictures with their kids.

Thank you Mrs Reid for having us in your school, Thank you also the school administration for helping us with everything and also thanks to all the students for making our stay awesome. You have learnt a lot of things from us and we have also learnt a lot from your school, which we are looking forward to share it with your sister school Mirera in Kenya.

Farewell To Maple Creek

We left home quite early and drove to Allan’s place to pick him up to go to Cora’s restaurant, where we would take breakfast with Mr. Graham and Ben Smith. Ben is one of the PA-MOJA students in Maple Creek, who has made our stay in the school awesome. Every week he has showed us around the school and took us to different classes.

We all met at the restaurant. This was also our first time to have breakfast in a restaurant which was a great thing to us. We looked at the menu and decided on the things to choose, we then called the waitress, who spoke in French. Allan tried to communicate with her because we had learnt French in most of the schools we had visited, because all of them were French immersion schools.


We selected the different things in the menu because they were all new to us, Allan tried a breakfast called ‘Joe’s construction’ and I tried the ‘Gargantuan Feast’. When it was brought to me it was quite different to what I had expected, it had eggs, pancakes, sausages and fruits. This was more than dinner. While we had breakfast we had a discussion of how we could try to promote PA-MOJA’s relationship between Canadian schools and Kenyan schools.

After breakfast we were driven to Maple Creek by Mr Graham. When we arrived at the school, we helped him unload his car, then I noticed he had lots of cooking stuffs but I did not know what was going on in school. We then entered  the school and came across some students talking about poutine.

We headed to the Home-ec room where we would prepare everything. We started by heating up the frozen french fries, which was something I never imagined would exist. The room was filled with a lovely  scent of the fries and everyone was hungry. Even us, although we had the heavy breakfast. We then started to make the gravy and headed to the school canteen and started to put the cheese into plates where we would  then add the cooked fries and gravy. Allan did not love this part because he does not like cheese, but Ben forced him to try some and  he liked it because it wasn’t the strong type of cheese.


It was then recess time. The line up was about three times longer than what we had expected, so we started the sale. After some minutes we were out of fries, luckily we had left some in the Home-ec class. We then sold more and ran out of fries again. We got lucky again because it was class time. We left the PA-MOJA students continuing with the cooking and we went to Mr. Turren and Mme. Terrios class and we would return back to the canteen and continue with the sale during lunch time.


When we returned at lunch time to continue the sale, we quickly ran out of  fries again. We had some students who really loved cheese and gravy so they asked us to sell just the gravy and cheese to them.

After lunch we went to Mrs Asher’s class where we would write  letters to their sister school Ereri in Kenya. This was a fun thing for them to do. They asked different questions to the students in Kenya and they also explained how school life is for them in Canada.

Then after that we went to the canteen, where the students were to practicing for their play. Which they would perform during their Christmas Talent show because the gym was occupied. After several plays Mrs Asher invited us on stage to say goodbye to our friends. After that she brought a cake which they had bought for us to share with the students as a sign of thanks giving to us.

Allan and I did not believe this was happening. This was our last time in Maple Creek. We now knew the meaning of the saying which Mr. Graham used to tell us every now and then; time flies when you are having fun.

Thank you Mr. Graham for inviting us to your school, and also thanks to the school administration who have done really a lot to have us here and I also thank the students for making our visits in your school superb. We have enjoyed a lot, learned a lot and taught you a lot which we are looking forward to share with your sister school Ereri in Kenya.


A visit to a food bank

Before I visited Canada I thought that there was no poverty, but people did many things to prove I was wrong. For example, earlier in the trip my homestay family took me to downtown Vancouver to see the people living on the streets. They wanted to make me see that poverty wasn’t only in Africa.

This time we were to visit a food and ask questions to the people who work in the food bank, and learn things about poverty in Canada. Comparing poverty in Kenya and Canada is also my project in Butterfly Effect. Butterfly Effect is a learning site which is funded by PA-MOJA and the Langley and Coquitlam School Districts whereby each person has an inquiry project and researches on it, then posts it in and gets comments which broaden their thinking about their project.

Before we visited the food bank. We first of all went to a Superstore and bought foods stuffs which we would also donate to the food bank then ask questions about poverty in Canada.

At the food bank we started by donating the food stuffs we had bought. Then we met the different people who work in the food bank, others who worked as volunteers and other students who came too. We then introduced ourselves to Mrs Batistta and Mrs. Jamer who worked in the food bank as volunteers.


We started by asking about the history of the food bank and this one started in 1972, where during Christmas they would visit the homeless people in the streets and they would give food to them.

They noticed that people not only needed food during Christmas, but also the rest of the time in the year. So they ended up opening a permanent food bank.

They also explained to us that people don’t come to get food everyday, but only once every two weeks. Unless it is an expectant mother, who get food once in a week. People don’t get all the food they need, but this food is supposed to help them get through for two weeks. People who are disabled will get house deliveries, which means that they don’t have to come to the food bank to pick up their food.

Amount of food three people

In order to get food, the person must register. This is to avoid people going to different food banks to get food and they also trace your economic background to avoid anyone from going to get food. However, they always give food to people who come without registration cards and later request them to register. Every year at Christmas they also donate toys to the kids who come to the food bank. Right now the food banks in the Tri-Cities serve about 375 people.

I learnt that sometimes they face problems like food shortages, but they never run out of food completely. They also have sometimes had people try to break in and steal electronics devices in the stores, but this hasn’t happened at this location. Sometime people can act violently, but both Mrs. Jamer and Mrs. Battista said that this hasn’t happened to them and that most people are really happy to get the food.

After answering our questions, Mrs. Jamer gave us a tour of the facility and showed us how they pack the food to give to people who come in. I want to thank Mrs. Jamer and Mrs. Battista for spending so much time answering our questions.

This is somehow different to what we have in Kenya because in Kenya we have donations in church, schools and children’s homes, though we don’t have specific places such as food banks. And also when Kenya is struck by a drought problem the government tries to get in and help the people through donating food to schools and to the people through their leaders.

This is a good way of helping the needy in the society, which is a good reaction towards poverty. Because if they have food, the next thing they’ll be looking for is clothes, that makes them a step ahead.

Thanks to Allan and Audrey for helping us with the shopping and thanks Mrs Battista and Mrs. Jamer for helping us by answering our questions.



Chapati sale in Kilmer Elementary School

This day was super cool because I was now staying at Mr. Corbould’s place and we had made the dough the previous night.  The next day I woke up early and we left for school at 7 o’clock we were already in school and we started preparing all the equipment required  to be used during the day at the gym. It was really cold for me because it was negative five degrees Celsius so we switched on the heater, but it was not warm enough for me so Mr. Corbould switched on the oven and opened the door of the oven and I started feeling the change in temperature.

Posters of the sale were everywhere around the school

After doing all the set up. I started making other batches of dough waiting for the other students to arrive. After some minutes Allan arrived, he told me that he had been looking for me for several minutes, but it was now good for he had arrived. We divided ourselves, Allan went to teach some kids how to roll and I taught some kids how to make the dough, they had learnt how to do everything in just seconds so we left them to try and make what we had taught them to make.

Making the Dough

Mr. Corbould then told us that we only had one griddle and we would cook the chapatis at the main entrance so that everyone would see how we were cooking. We thought that one griddle would not be enough, We then moved to the main entrance and when we saw the griddle we were now smilling, because it was a giant griddle which would hold about twelve chapatis per row.

We then started cooking them, the scent was driving us nuts. Allan and I felt like eating them, but we could not start eating in the mean time because time was not on our side. Some of the school teachers also came to help in frying them, which was also awesome for they helped a lot. We did not believe how many chapatis we had made within the seconds because of the team work we had.

Cooking the chapatis

Within a few minutes it was now recess time. The scent would lead everyone to where we were cooking. Almost every student had come to buy a chapati. Some of them applied cinnamon sugar, others jam while others butter, which is different to what we usually do back in Kenya, because in Kenya we eat chapattis with cooked vegetables. Just in time we had cooked all of the chapatis. We then took bites of what we had made because it was so tempting to taste them when we were cooking them and now that we were done we could have some too.

We then went to help Mr Corbould in selling the chapattis to the students. We then saw one of the parents of a student, Mr. Adebo. He is one of the best parent friends we have found from the different schools we have visited. He is an immigrant from Uganda and we had told him about the chapati sale. He came to have some because he knew what they were and this was a great opportunity for him to  have them since he has not taken them for several years. We sold some to him and he was very happy for he had finally took a taste of something from home.

Before recess time ended we had sold nearly all of the chapattis and the rest of them we left for the school administration. We then went to the gym to clean up the equipment we were using. We spent the rest of the day in different classes looking at the different things that they were learning and after school, we couldn’t let a week go by without our soccer battle with the kids just as we normally did every Wednesday we visit the school.

We are grateful  to all of the students who help and the school administration, including Mr. Corbould who did a great job in organizing every thing for us, and also for all the parents who gave money to their kids to support PA-MOJA.

This was a great day not only to us, but also to the hundreds of kids PA-MOJA helps to go to school and also to the Canadian students who learned how to make chapatis.


Chapati sale in Maple creek

This was another great day because we would have a chapati fundraiser in Maple Creek Middle School so they could have a taste of our food. As usual Mrs. MacIntyre picked brought us to school. Each time she drives us to school, she gives us her phone to call our parents back in Kenya.  This is the perfect time to call because it is not too early for us or too late for them back home. I talked with my mum about some of the things which we do in Canada and I also had the chance to talk to my younger sisters Happiness and Innocent.

We went to Mr Graham’s office for the directions of how we would proceed with the cooking and to check if everything was available. He then took us to the home-ec classroom where we made the dough and showed some of the PA-MOJA students how to make the Chapatis.

At the class room we found Ben, Zack and some other PA-MOJA students who had volunteered to help us in making and selling them. Allan and I made the dough with some of the students helping us. After making the dough we were divided. Allan made and sold upstairs, and I went downstairs and we each had some students helping us.

When we started cooking them, the smell made many students come out of class, and most of them wanted to buy them before recess. We first sold some to teachers who also claimed that the smell would drive them out of their classrooms. We continued cooking until we had three bowls filled with chapatis.

It was now recess time we had a queue which was much longer than we had expected. Within seconds we had no chapatis left. Then recess time ended and we could hear some of the students who had not bought any complaining. That is when we decided to make another bowl of dough to sell during lunch time.

PA-MOJA team in Maple Creek Middle School helping with the selling

Time really went quick and it was now lunch time. We were still upstairs waiting for the students to come. A few students came, but not as many as we expected, so Allan made an announcement that we were selling again upstairs. All of a sudden a huge queue of students, which was several meters long, arrived. They were all saying that they could smell the scent of chapatis but they did not know where we were selling them. Luckily we sold out all of them in seconds again.

After the sale some students were begging us to make them another day but we could not, because we had taught the PA-MOJA team in Maple Creek and next time they would teach us to how to make poutine. This is what PA-MOJA does; promotes cultural exchange between students, so we are looking forward to learn to make a Canadian dish.

Playing handball with the students at lunch time

After our lunch we went to the gym and played handball with grade 6 students for the first block, which was fun because it was not a new game to me, we also play it in Kenya. We then went to Mrs. Jansen’s class and talked to the kids about Kenya and how we were enjoying our stay in Canada. They were also surprised because we would comfortably speak to them in fluent English because they thought that Kenyans were shy people who could not speak in English which was a stereotype we broke. We enjoyed this class more and more but time was not on our side.

This was  a great day because we helped fundraise money for PA-MOJA, which felt great for doing so and we also taught the students how to make chapati which is a special meal for the majority of Kenyans.

Were thankful to Mr. Graham for arranging this day for us, and for the PA-MOJA team in Maple Creek for helping us with everything. We are also thankful to all of the students in the school for making the sale a success.

A day at the Vancouver Aquarium

We arrived in the Vancouver aquarium quite a bit earlier than we had talked with Mrs. MacIntyre. Instead of just waiting for them there, we decided to have a walk along the park because the weather was still cool and sunny.

We first saw the river which was just behind the building. We were lucky to spot raccoons which were very beautiful. We then continued our walk towards the ocean. Then Audrey spotted a tree and decided to have a picture on top of it. We also loved that idea and we all went on top and had pictures.  We then arrived to the ocean and watched the ferries.


We then headed back to the aquarium because Allan and his family were near the aquarium. Once we were inside, within seconds we could not find each other; everyone had gone to a different place because the place was very captivating and beautiful. Audrey looked for us  and found us, everyone was in a different place taking pictures of the beautiful water animals. We then started visiting places together.

We first walked to look at frogs, I actually thought it was not going to be interesting to watch them, because I had seen them in Kenya. But it turned out to be the vice versa of what I was thinking. I came to see different types of frogs, some of which I never knew they existed. Some had horns while others had strange colours which I had not thought about like an orange frog, Others were staying in the same place with snakes.

We then went to watch the dolphins. They showed us some tricks the dolphins could do, for instance the dolphins trainers would send the dolphins to go and get the balls. We also learned some facts about them, like they don’t drink water the water they take in is found inside the fish. They also explained how they are endangered and showed us some scars which both of the dolphins had when people tried to fish them, which I found really bad.

We then went to watch the penguins. This was the part in which Mrs. Hurtubise had waited for a very long time because she loves penguins. On our way we met some people who were from Kenya. I actually noticed them because they were speaking Kikuyu (one of the tribal languages in Kenya). I then had a little chat with them and we proceeded with our journey. We stayed watching the penguins for sometime. We stayed there for a longer time because Mrs. Hurtubise couldn’t allow us to leave this part because of her love for penguins.

Then we returned into the building to watch a 4D movie about nature. The video was really good because it felt as if you are in a real animal conservation because the chairs could move and then you could feel some scents, and at the end we were watching a lion  running to catch an antelope then the lion caught it with one leg on its back, then everyone felt something touching there back and everyone was jumping thinking that it was a real lion.

Afterwards we went to look at the sea otters, which were very cute. We watched them playing with the balls and others were breaking ice. We then went to look at the monkeys, snakes and owls which were all of different types.

Then we all had to go home to prepare ourselves for the Kenyan dinner, but found it hard to leave so we stayed there for some minutes. We then went to the shop which was inside the aquarium and bought some of the sea stuffs. Finally, we returned back home to prepare for the Kenyan dinner.

This was a very interesting and a fun day to have spent in the aquarium, I loved all of the things we had to learn about and all the different marine creatures we saw during that day. The whole day was enjoyable.

Thanks to my home stay family for giving their time and money to take us to the aquarium. And doing everything for us that day to make us happy.


Visit to Lake Burnaby

I did not understand what was happening this day because parents went to work and students stayed at home (it was something called a professional development day for teachers). We were all caught up in our work in the house so everyone had something fun to do. I was to go to Lake Burnaby, Audrey and Elliot had an Aboriginal meeting in Langley and Mrs. Hurtsubise went to work.

I first went to Charles Best, where Ms. Norman was to pick us up. The school was looking quite strange because it had no students. We then went to the library where the teachers meeting was taking place. I saw about fifteen new faces of teachers who worked in the school, who I had never seen before yet we attended the same school. We introduced ourselves to them while they were having some snacks and then went to wait for Ms. Norman.

Ms. Stuart didn’t tell us the description of Ms. Norman (A teacher in Heritage Woods High school, one of PA-MOJAs sister school in Kenya) she only told us that we were going to be picked up by a person who is happy and always smiling. We went to the main doors and after some minutes she came and picked us. Just as we were explained by Ms. Stuart, Ms. Norman was always happy and smiling.

After about fifteen minutes we arrived at Lake Burnaby and noticed we were in the wrong place, but Picken’s house was just neighbouring so we were not that far from the building.

Picken’s House

We arrived and found Bob who greeted us and welcomed us with snacks. It was not long when the other students arrived and told us that they were also lost in the same building, just like us.

We started our day by introducing ourselves and where we were from. We then went for an ice breaking, where you had to talk to one person for four minutes and tell him/her about yourself. I loved this, because after some minutes we became great friends, you would have thought we had been friends for a long time.

We then discussed about what each person had came to do and most of us had come for a tour. But they told us that it would be more than that, we would learn more about protecting the environment and to take care of the things around us.

We then went outdoors to collect papers and garbage. This part helped me to reduce paper pollution by a high rate, because it hurts to you to pick another persons garbage and I will not litter papers any where because I had learnt how another person would feel picking my papers.

It was now lunch. Everyone had packed lunch but luckily they had prepared food for us too. After lunch, everyone was now full and ready to go to the lake.

We went slowly by slowly being explained to us every everything which was around the park, like Cariboo dam which just was behind Pickens house and the trees which had wild berries which were were also taken as food by the aboriginal people during the wars. We were also collecting anything which was littered around the lake.

At last we arrived at the lake, Ms. Norman did not go closer to the lake because she had a pet which was not allowed. We also saw some salmon and learnt that they had come to the lake from the ocean to give birth and after that die,

With friends from Heritage Woods.

After this we all returned to Pickens house. We rushed on our way back, because we were late and the other students wanted to return back home.

This day was super good to me because we had the chance to meet our sister school, which was one thing I never imagined would ever happen. It was also great to have a view of Lake Burnaby and learn about things in Canada like forests, which we also learn in Kenya. This day was super cool.

Thank you Ms. Norman and The Heritage Woods environmental club for inviting us to this wonderful learning trip.


First Day in Maple Creek Middle School

This day started very good, I was picked up at our place by Ms. McIntyre, who gave me her phone to call my mother. It was good to hear from her and to hear everything back at home was going on well. I also spoke to my younger sisters Happiness and Jane.

We arrived at Maple Creek and the school was bigger than we expected. We asked some of the students where the principal’s office was and she directed us there. In the office we found that Mr. Graham was not in we were then picked by Ms Bishop, who took us to her classroom to put our bags and lunch there, luckily  we found Mr. Graham in the same class room.

We spent some time in her class room and students started arriving. We introduced ourselves to the students and then Ben was given the role to direct us and show us the rest of the school. We first went for P.E we did the beep test, it was fun but tiring. We did well Allan and I but we were outdone by two students who were really good in athletics.

Wood work class with Mr. Elson

I then went for Woodwork with Mr Elson, this class was good and they used a lot of technology. They had some balls which they commanded using their iPads. This was really interesting, but because I had not attended some of their previous lessons I could not catch up. So instead I went for a different activity from the one which they had.

We were to curve the wood on top to the shape of the pen below

Ben showed me some of the pens he had made and then asked me if it would be good to make one, I loved the idea so I agreed. He first started by showing me some of their machines and told me their uses. He then gave me some pieces of wood and showed me how to curve.

Ben showing me how to curve wood to make the right shape of a pen

It took a long time but I got the perfect shape which I wanted, we first smoothed the two pieces of wood which was the hardest part in making the pen. He then showed me how to insert the inner parts and then I finished. Ben was not able to finish making his pens because there was no time left. I also loved the idea that they made pens and sold them and used the money to improve their learning resources. After this lesson we took a 20 minutes recess.

We then headed to a science class. Allan was to go to a different class although it was still a science lesson. The  lesson was also cool, we learnt about spread of diseases by doing a practical and we were to search for the root of that disease(where it had come from).

We then took lunch and then went for a social studies class, we did not learn but we had some books which we would read and then answer some questions. I also went to the liblary and met Madam Moniot the librarian, who gave me a book to be reading during my visits to the school.

The last block we were to talk to some grade eight students about Kenya, our cultures and our experience in Canada. We also asked them some some riddles which they were good at answering, they were also laughing to hear some answers of these riddles. We had a short time which was good and we all enjoyed this session.

This day was quite enjoying for I made a pen, I loved the idea of that class of making pens and selling them, I also enjoyed learning in the other classes and answering student’s questions. We look forward to seeing you next week.

Thanks Mr. Graham for giving us the chance to be in your school, Thanks to Ben who did a great job of showing us the school and spending most of his first day with us and also thanks to the school administration. 

A Day in Vancouver

We started the day by tea,bread,scrambled eggs and fruits for breakfast. After breakfast we went to pick Elliot (Audreys brother) who slept at his dad’s place and we proceeded with the journey to Vancouver. On our way to town I saw some people who were begging for money and for food on the streets. This thing was different from what I believed. I thought that there was no poverty in Canada. Many Canadians had talked to me about poverty in Canada, I never believed them. But now I was seeing it with my eyes.

We first went to Fly Over America. We were stuck in the parking because we did not find the exit, every door we went to led to the ocean and all we could see was water. For some time after searching for the door we found it.  Lots of people were in the building and it was really busy.

I stopped for sometime to take some pictures of the ocean which was just below us. It was my first time to see a float plane.  The building, called Canada Place, was really beautiful because it looked like a sailing ship and it had sails on top of it.

We queued for a while before fly over Canada because many people wanted to fly over. It was really cold and raining, but there were some machines which warmed us up in the waiting place, so we were not that cold.

After sometime we all entered a small room where were entertained by facts and questions about countries. We then entered into another room and we were told safety precautions during the flight. We were then guided into another room where we would fly over America and were directed to our seats.

We were just in a room which had a projector which showed images of the recorded places of the United States. The seats actually moved in such a way that you would think that you are in a real plane. There were also some sprinklers which sprinkled water and released scents, like when you crossed over a wheat farm you could smell wheat.

I heard some people screaming because they were afraid of the plane, because it could take us directly to mountains and it looked as if we would hit the mountains, trees and hills. We could also see people skiing, horse riding e.t.c and then the flight was over. It was really enjoyable because almost everyone was complaining how short it was.

We decided to take another flight which was a flight over Canada. Audrey and Ms. Hurtubise decided to take coffee because they had already been to the ‘Fly over Canada’ before, so I went with David and Elliot. They had done it before but because of how exited they were, they decided to do it again.

After flying over Canada we went to have lunch because everyone was hungry and telling Dave to drive quickly to a restaurant. We went to an Italian restaurant for lunch, I had a burger and fries and now we were complaining that we are full the vice versa of what we were saying some minutes ago. We then returned home, I was really tired and didn’t want to sleep during the movie.

Going for a 3D movie

This time Allan was dropped at our place. He had been doing dog adoption all day and he was excited to get a taste of a 3D movie. We all selected the movies to watch. We all selected the same movie except for Dave and Elliot, who did not want a 3D movie.

When we arrived at the cinema Dave and Elliot went their way, but first we stopped to pick snacks to take during the movie. img_4388

We were then given 3D glasses, but I did not see any change because the commercials were going on, until the time we were told to put them on.

Then the movie started, I started seeing the real 3D part, Everything was just going on, in my face. I could bend sometimes when an arrow was thrown. Allan was also really frightened when he saw something which looked like a zombie.

After the 3D movie we went out to video games. We started by a game which was all about picking up dolls. By bad luck everyone had tried to get one but we were not able. We then headed to a bike game, which felt as if I was riding a real bike, but Audrey had beat us all because she took the first position and we took the second and third position.

We then drove back home. This time we spent the night with Allan at our place because his family was still Dog Adopting. We spent some hours with Ms. Hurtubise and Elliot at my room playing some games and then everyone went to sleep. But Allan and I did not sleep immediately because of the video games.

This day was really good and I enjoyed everything, It looked like a technology day to me because we first started with the Fly Over Canada, 3D movie, Video games…

Thanks to my homestay family for spending their money and time taking me to Vancouver and to watch a 3D movie.